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Bob Marley No Woman, No Cry Ukulele Tutorial

August 8, 2014

Thanks again to The Ukulele Teacher for this video teaching us how to play the Bob Marley song No Woman, No Cry ukulele chords. This song features just four ukulele chords – C, G, Am, F. The intro and chorus of the song are the same, the verse slightly different. There is a bit of finger picking in this ukulele song, too, as he calls it the “fiddly bits”. A great way to give ukulele finger picking a try if you haven’t done so. I just love the rhythm and strumming pattern of this song as he teaches it. Fits just perfectly with the original song. And he teaches the reggae strumming pattern, also, with a great walk through. Happy strumming!

Ukulele Video Tutorials

I Won’t Give Up Jason Mraz Ukulele Tutorial

July 27, 2014

This is a terrific version of the Jason Mraz song I Won’t Give Up Ukulele Tutorial. This covers utilizes strum pattern, chords, and some picking. A little bit of everything for the beginner to intermediate ukulele player. The complicated part of learning this song is actually the strum pattern. It is a three count strum pattern rather than the more popular four count strum pattern. He uses a shuffle strumming pattern with a great tutorial on the ukulele. Enjoy!

Ukulele Video Tutorials

Coldplay The Scientist Ukulele Tutorial

July 24, 2014

This ukulele tutorial of Coldplay’s song the Scientist has an interesting combination of strumming and finger picking. Also, the teacher Gianluca clearly has a broken middle finger and is able to play the song. As always, I enjoy when the ukulele chords are shown on the screen while he is playing the song. But the best thing I enjoy about this ukulele tutorial is the chord progression and the strumming pattern which is one up strum followed by a single pluck of the G string. Happy strumming!

Ukulele Video Tutorials

The Beatles Let it Be Ukulele Play Along

July 19, 2014

I watch this video from Ukulele Underground over and over again. It is a wonderful version The Beatles Let It Be ukulele and so much fun to play along with. What a great combination of different chords, strumming patterns, an a bit of finger picking.

Ukulele Video Tutorials

Bon Iver Skinny Love Ukulele Tutorial

July 18, 2014

Jack says this is one his of favorite songs to play on the ukulele and I believe him. There is something special about this song because you tune your A string down to a G.  He starts with walking you through the ukulele main intro riff of the Skinny Love ukulele chords. Next is the strumming patterns which he does a terrific job of walking you through. Happy strumming!