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Portsmouth Ukulele Jam Ukulele Songbook

November 4, 2014

This terrific Ukulele Songbook from the Portsmouth Ukulele Jam features over 100 ukulele songs with chords and chord charts right on the page.  Also included in many of these ukulele sounds is the strum pattern, illustrated with down and up descriptions. And there is a wide variety of ukulele songs in this ukulele songbook. Check out just a few of the over one hundred included.

  1. A Little Respect Ukulele Chords
  2. Accidentally in love Ukulele Chords
  3. All I Have to do is dream Ukulele Chords
  4. All my Loving Ukulele Chords
  5. All you need is Love Ukulele Chords
  6. Always look on the bright side of life Ukulele Chords
  7. Amarillo Ukulele Chords
  8. Angels Ukulele Chords
  9. Back for good Ukulele Chords
  10. Bad moon rising Ukulele Chords
  11. Blitzkrieg Bop Ukulele Chords
  12. Bohemian like you Ukulele Chords
  13. Born to be wild Ukulele Chords
  14. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Ukulele Chords
  15. Brown eyed Girl Ukulele Chords
  16. Build me up Buttercup Ukulele Chords
  17. California dreaming Ukulele Chords
  18. Come on Eileen Ukulele Chords
  19. Come up and see me Ukulele Chords
  20. Common People Ukulele Chords
  21. Country House Ukulele Chords
  22. Creep Ukulele Chords
  23. Crocodile Rock Ukulele Chords
  24. Daydream Ukulele Chords
  25. Daydream believer Ukulele Chords
  26. Don’t stop believin’ Ukulele Chords
  27. Don’t stop me now Ukulele Chords
  28. Don’t Look Back in Ukulele Chords
  29. Don’t you want me Ukulele Chords
  30. Don’t Worry, Be Happy Ukulele Chords
  31. Down Under Ukulele Chords
  32. Eye of the tiger Ukulele Chords
  33. Forget you/F**k You Ukulele Chords
  34. Free Bird Ukulele Chords
  35. Gold Ukulele Chords
  36. Good Riddance Ukulele Chords
  37. Hallelujah Ukulele Chords
  38. Happy Together Ukulele Chords
  39. Hey Ya Ukulele Chords
  40. Hi Ho Silver lining Ukulele Chords
  41. Hotel California Ukulele Chords
  42. House of the rising sun Ukulele Chords
  43. I can see clearly now Ukulele Chords
  44. I predict a riot Ukulele Chords
  45. I saw her standing there Ukulele Chords
  46. I want to break free Ukulele Chords
  47. I’m a believer Ukulele Chords
  48. I’m into something good Ukulele Chords
  49. I’m yours Ukulele Chords
  50. In the summertime Ukulele Chords

Photo courtesy Silviasweety

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