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Hawaiian Ukulele – The Musical Instrument That Anybody Can Play

June 19, 2015


Hawaiian Ukulele

This terrific ukulele ad appeared in The Colville examiner on August 05, 1916. The copy reads:

Hawaiian ukulele, the musical instrument that anybody can play. Keep one in your parlor, take it to the lakes or mountains, or sea shore, or on your auto rides Use it any place. Pick out chords to any song in a few minutes. It is so simple that any one can learn to play it in a very short time; it also possesses possibilities as a musical instrument which makes the effort worth while if one wishes to give it serious study.

The ukulele has achieved sensational popularity within a short time. Almost unknown three years ago outside the Hawaiian Island, it is now a familiar instrument in all parts of the United States – on the Pacific coast it has become so great a fad as to verge on craze.

Now, no glee club is considered complete without a ukulele contingent; thousands are in use in the schools and colleges You heard the one with the Hawaiian Quartette.

The alluring mellowness of its tone makes it a fascinating and idea instrument to accompany the voice It is used with equal effect in either sentimental or ragtime melodies.

Practically every family in California has a ukulele in the house. You need one. They are inexpensive and will rerun many times their cost in pleasure and entertainment.

The write will give all possible assistance free to those taking up this beautiful instrument.

A house to house canvass will be made, in the meantime you can call-up the writer at the McFarland residence.  A complete stock of ukuleles, instruction books, etc., on hand.

Photo courtesy University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

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