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Beach Boys Kokomo Ukulele Tutorial

July 29, 2015

Time to learn Kokomo by the “Beach Boys,” on the Ukulele. This chord progression has a lot of really cool things going on. The I chord (C) goes to a Imaj7 (Cmaj7) to get a really nice island breeze type of vibe and the IV chord (F) moves to a iv (Fm) which was a classic trick of guys at the time, something you will see the Beatles and David Bowie do a lot of us well. They also have a vm7 (Gm7) and a V7 (G7) in the same song! Crazy! Making it a lot of fun to play and a lot of fun to sing on Ukulele. This is just a great Ukulele song, and we are going to teach you how to play Kokomo on the Ukulele in under 10 minutes! Have fun and keep on learning on playing Ukulele.

Ukulele Video Tutorials

5 Ukulele Strumming Patterns for Beginners

June 29, 2015

While not a tutorial for a specific ukulele song with ukulele chords, I find this video tutorial on ukulele strumming patterns to be excellent. Easy to follow along, in this beginner ukulele lesson, you can learn five strumming patterns you can use to play thousands of different songs on ukulele. These ukulele strumming patterns are versatile, simple and work for most songs.

Ukulele Chords, Ukulele Video Tutorials

Killing Me Softly Ukulele Chords Tutorial

June 16, 2015

This is an excellent ukulele tutorial by TenThumbs Productions walking you through either the Roberta Flack version or the Fugees version of Killing Me Softly ukulele chords. From the tutorial’s description…

Alright, Maybe you like the Roberta Flack version, maybe it was the Fugees, maybe it was Nancy Sintra, Alicia Keys, a lot of people have done this great tune. But no matter who it was, we are going to teach you how to play it today. It is a relatively simple song. The E major, B7 and Fmaj7 might be a little tricky when learning how to play Ukulele, but the strum pattern is basic and there are no crazy changes, making it a fairly easy song to learn how to play on the Ukulele. What we are going to do is break down the two parts, chorus and verse, and than do a play-a-long, and than after that we are even going to look at some ideas you can do to finger pick it out. We are going to break down how to play Killing Me Softly (with his song) on Ukulele so that no matter what your level you can learn how to play!

Ukulele Chords, Ukulele Video Tutorials

Hey Ya! Outkast Ukulele Tutorial

June 7, 2015

As the Ukulele Teacher says in all of his videos, grab your uke and make sure it is in tune to play this ukulele tutorial of Hey Ya by Outkast. There are only four ukulele chords played in the same order for this song, G, C, D and E. He starts out teaching you how to play this ukulele chords, but you can skip ahead if you already know the chords. He also walks you through the stemming pattern on the ukulele tutorial. Happy strumming!