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Ukulele Nights Song Book One

June 10, 2015
Ukulele Songbook

The Ukulele Nights Song Book One is a nice songbook from the Cardiff Ukulele Nights Group Join their friendly Monday night jam sessions in Cardiff for ukulele players of all levels.The ukulele songs and chords featured in this songbook include:

  • Deep in the heart of Texas Ukulele Chords
  • Down by the Riverside Ukulele Chords
  • Oh my Darling Clementine Ukulele Chords
  • All My Loving Ukulele Chords
  • Born Free Ukulele Chords
  • Delilah Ukulele Chords
  • Frankie and Johnny Ukulele Chords
  • I’ll Fly Away Ukulele Chords
  • I’m a Believer Ukulele Chords
  • It’s my Party Ukulele Chords
  • I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper Ukulele Chords
  • Salty Dog Blues Ukulele Chords
  • Sweet Georgia Brown Ukulele Chords
  • Take this Hammer Ukulele Chords
  • These Boots were Made for Walking Ukulele Chords

Photo courtesy of micki.

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Hey Ya! Outkast Ukulele Tutorial

June 7, 2015

As the Ukulele Teacher says in all of his videos, grab your uke and make sure it is in tune to play this ukulele tutorial of Hey Ya by Outkast. There are only four ukulele chords played in the same order for this song, G, C, D and E. He starts out teaching you how to play this ukulele chords, but you can skip ahead if you already know the chords. He also walks you through the stemming pattern on the ukulele tutorial. Happy strumming!

Ukulele Chords

Adventure Time Theme Island Song Ukulele Tutorial

May 29, 2015

This is a great song for new ukulele players or beginners and Shayna does a great job of teaching us the ukulele chords and strumming pattern for the Adventure Time Island Song theme song. There are just three chords to learn for this song – G C D. And the ukulele strumming pattern is also taught. Happy strumming!

Ukulele Chords

Somebody That I Used to Know Ukulele Tutorial

May 28, 2015

This is a terrific ukulele tutorial of the song Somebody That I Used to Know  by Gotye. There are only three chords in this song for the chorus and verses. Todd also does a great job of walking you through the ukulele picking patterns and it’s a great song to get started with finger picking on the ukulele. Happy strumming!