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Beach Boys Kokomo Ukulele Tutorial

July 29, 2015

Time to learn Kokomo by the “Beach Boys,” on the Ukulele. This chord progression has a lot of really cool things going on. The I chord (C) goes to a Imaj7 (Cmaj7) to get a really nice island breeze type of vibe and the IV chord (F) moves to a iv (Fm) which was a classic trick of guys at the time, something you will see the Beatles and David Bowie do a lot of us well. They also have a vm7 (Gm7) and a V7 (G7) in the same song! Crazy! Making it a lot of fun to play and a lot of fun to sing on Ukulele. This is just a great Ukulele song, and we are going to teach you how to play Kokomo on the Ukulele in under 10 minutes! Have fun and keep on learning on playing Ukulele.

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