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January 2014

Ukulele Video Tutorials

Adele Someone Like You Ukulele Tutorial

January 27, 2014

What a lovely song to play on the ukulele. But the Adele song Someone Like You for this Ukulele Tutorial does take a bit of finesse. There is singing, strumming, and finger picking all going on at the same time. The lyrics and the ukulele lyrics are displayed on the screen as she plays her ukulele cover of the song. Very helpful or learning and playing along.

Ukulele Video Tutorials

The Beatles Hey Jude Ukulele Tutorial

January 20, 2014

This is an easy ukulele lesson for The Beatles Hey Jude song. It’s a simple strum pattern and the chords are displayed on the screen so you can play along. The lyrics are on the screen and also in the comments section of the video. Happy ukulele strumming!

Ukulele Video Tutorials

Oasis Wonderall Ukulele Tutorial

January 6, 2014

This song was a request to The Ukulele Teacher. Oasis Wonderall is a fairly easy song, but the chords are not the most common ukulele chords. As usual, the teacher starts by teaching the ukulele chords and the strumming patterns, then the intro, verse, bridge, and chorus. There are five main chords in this song and they are some unusual ukulele chords!